New Construction

Are you thinking about building a new pool for your home? We offer residents near Tulsa a pool construction service unmatched by any other in Oklahoma.

Vivion Pools can create a perfect “backyard escape” for you. Imagine the drifting curves of a lush tropical setting or the formal lines of a classical Roman design. Whatever your dream, Vivion Pools can make it a reality. Our special design options create the perfect finishing touches that will make your pool a unique reflection of your personality and tastes.

  • Fiber Optic Pool Lighting
  • Decorative Tiles
  • Negative Edge
  • Spill Overs
  • Custom Step and Seating Design
  • Water Features, Waterfalls, Fountains
  • Aquatic Gardens, Ponds, Streams
  • Automatic Cleaning Systems & Digital Controls
  • Salt Generators

As a company that takes pride in the fact that we offer only the highest quality materials, Vivion Pools is proud to offer the Ultimateline of pools, part of the Backyard Escape concept of pools. The unique construction process for these pools allows us the flexibility to create a pool to your exact specifications in any shape or size you can imagine. The full warranty will give you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy a lifetime of poolside bliss.

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